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Lory. I periodically black out thinking about Sussex and bees.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label S/S 2015 at LFW

Vivienne Westwood Red Label S/S 2015 at LFW


優しい昔菓子 金平糖 60g


Partition (Orchestral Arrangement)
Beyonce (Cover by chonthenomad)

any reading of it that implies that what happened in the tarmac scene is not an aborted love declaration but the declaration is there makes me Extremely Uncomfortable 


i am like 1000% sure lestrade was going to attempt to meet up with them later in the stag night, but couldn’t because they got drunk way too early and he was working late and he ended up with a series of garbled text messages from sherlock that he’s not totally certain but has some idea might have been warning him off because “tngnight mibvht br teh nibght”




Do you get a lot of people telling/asking you that your url is a Merchant of Venice reference?? Because I've been following you for awhile now and just realized it
asked by Anonymous

Not really it’s been a while :>

I mean it’s in my FAQ because they used to ask but it’s been actually ages now, so I assume either people read that or know it/realize it or just don’t question their supposed assumption it’s a take on the pixie twink detective’s name or Idk believe that I like timid wavy hair

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